Svetlana Kuznetsova’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Svetlana Aleksandrovna Kuznetsova is a famous Russian professional tennis player.  Svetlana has got a good career ground recording her appearance in four Grand Slam singles finals, out of which she had won. She gained a lot of popularity after winning the 2004 US Open and the 2009 French Open singles titles. Besides, she has also won the seven doubles finals twice. Svetlana has got few intricating designs on her body. Let us explore them.

Svetlana Kuznetsova

“You have the story of your own tattoos. A tattoo is something like the history of your life, and I believe in it,” she says.

1. Bicep Writing Tattoo

Svetlana bicep wriitng tattoo

Tattoo: On the inners side of her right bicep, Svetlana has got few lines inked that say, ‘Pain doesn’t kill me I kill the pain’.

Meaning: Svetlana got this tattoo inked right before her knee surgery. She was in much pain and also had to suffer so much frustration as her game and career were getting affected.

“I went to Thailand, I went to Bali, on the beach with crutches, all day long, and I had blisters on my hands,” the 27-year-old said.

“Some people do tattoos; some don’t. You have the story of your own tattoos. A tattoo is something like history of your life, and I believe in it,” she said.

2. Cherub Tattoo

Svetlana cherub tattoo

Tattoo: On her left chest area, Svetlana has got the tattoo of a baby angel, Cherub inked.

Meaning: Cherub is the symbol of paying tribute to a young soul who is no more. However, most commonly people Get angel cherubs inked as a token of protection for themselves. They are considered to be the symbol of the ‘essence of purity’ and ‘god’s grace’.

3. Initials Tattoo

Svetlana hand tattoo

Tattoo: On the corner of her left hand, Svetlana has some writing inked.

Meaning: The tattoo writing is speculated to be the acronym of his parents’ and grandparents’ names’ initials

4. Stomach Tattoo

Svetlana stomach tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo on the lower right side of her back. The tattoo has never been revealed or talked about by her. Also, there are hardly any pictures available to understand this tattoo on Svetlana’s body.

5. Tiger Tattoo

Svetlana tiger tattoo

Tattoo: On her lower abdominal area, she has got a fierce-looking tiger inked.

Meaning: Tiger is the symbol of bravery, strength, intelligence, and courage. Svetlana claimed that a Tiger tattoo is a way to represent your own personality and she got it as a source of motivation for herself towards a perfect future.

“I love tigers and anything with tiger prints. I think a tattoo describes a little bit of your personality. It stays with you forever. Sometimes you feel my motivation maybe to fight like a tiger.”

5. Back Tattoo

Svetlana back tattoo

Tattoo: On her back, Svetlana has got a magnificent pice done. The tattoo included a pair of angel wings followed by multiple stars all over.

Meaning: Angel wings are the symbol of freedom, faith, and protection. Most importantly, they are the representation of the Christian faith. Christian followers and believers get this tattoo to symbolize their love for God and their wish to be closest to God (guardian angel). Also, it is another way of showing for a loved one who is no more.

6. Russian Writing Tattoo

Svetlana left arm tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of her left forearm, Svetlana has got some writing inked in the Russian language. There have been revelations that it stands for ‘Only God is our judge‘ when translated into English.

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