Rita Ora’s 25 Tattoos & Their Meanings

British singer and actress- Rita Ora has many hit singles on her name; she is also popular for the numerous tattoos which she has inked on her body. While she flaunts the tattoos and makes them look sexy as hell, let’s check out tattoos of Rita and get inspired to be under the needle.

Rita Ora

1. Geometrical Tree of Life

Rita Ora - Tree of Life Tattoo
Rita has a geometrical Tree of Life tattoo on her back with series of 10 circles with a symbol in the center, connected to each other in complex series of lines. It signifies the Tree of life and has Religious, Philosophical and Mythological significance.

2. Rose Tattoo 

Rita Ora - Rose Tattoo on hand

Rita had a massive rose tattoo inked on her hand which is believed to be gotten removed by laser tattoo removal.

3. Black Smiley Face

Rita Ora - Simley Face Tattoo
The black smiley face tattoo is tattooed on a unique place. It is inked on the star’s right ear lobe. This tattoo is inked by “Menso One”, who is known for his graffiti style tattoos. Rita captioned this tattoo with “Smile though your heart is breaking” when she posted the picture of the tattoo on Instagram.

4. Outline Triangle Tattoo

Rita Ora - Traingle Arm Tattoo
In the list of celebrities having triangle tattoo, Rita also has one. The tiny outline of triangle tattoo of Rita is on the inside of her right arm and is an upside down triangle.

5. Heart Outline 

Rita Ora - Heart Tattoo

Heart outline in black color is inked on Rita’s left-hand pinky finger making it into the list of cutest little tattoos of Rita.

6. Wishbone

Rita Ora - Wishbone Tattoo
Rita has a tattoo of wishbone inked on the inside of her left wrist.

7. Japanese Symbols

Rita Ora - Japanese Symbols Tattoos
The star got some Japanese symbols inked on her wrist in 2014. Even though nobody knows the real meaning behind this tattoo, we are hoping it is something significant.

8. Black arrow

Rita Ora - Arrow Finger Tattoo
Rita got a Black arrow on the middle finger of her right hand. This small yet uniquely pretty tattoo has feather back at the end of the arrow. She got this tattoo with her friend, Emily Rose, both got the matching tattoos.

9. Feather Tattoo

Rita Ora - Finger Tattoo
Another beautiful tattoo by Rita is exquisite real life feather which is inked on the outside of right hand in black and white ink. This delicate tattoo is made by famous tattoo artist, “Bang Bang” in New York.

10. Ballerina Tattoo

Rita Ora - Ballerina Arm Tattoo
In rather amusing interest, Rita also got a Ballerina tattoo on her right triceps which is just above her elbow. The tattoo has a Ballerina in black and white ink and is doing mid-twirl making into a gorgeous ink.

11. Alberto Vargas pin-up girl

Rita Ora - Pin-up Girl Tattoo
Rita has a tattoo of pin-up girl inked on her rib cage. The tattoo is of a beautiful semi-naked woman who is clutching to her breast while smelling the flower. Rita called it “Rosetta” and revealed that it is based on the original piece of incredible illustrator, Alberto Vargas. The tattoo signifies the power and build of the star.

12. Pink Dove

Rita Ora - Pink Dove Tattoo
The tattoo of Flying Dove on Rita span from her back to neck on her right shoulder blade. This tattoo was also inked by the tattoo artist, Bang Bang.

13. “Hope”, “Love” & “Promise” on Finger

Rita Ora Finger Tattoo - "Hope”, “Love” & “Promise”

Rita has “Hope”, “Love” & “Promise” words inked on her right hand’s middle finger, ring finger and pinky finger respectively. The tattoos are in beautiful script and are in Blue, Red and Black inks respectively.

14. Black and White Wings

Rita Ora - Wings Tattoo
Black and White pair of wings are also inked on Rita on the back side of her right ankle. These are a pair of angel wings

15. “All’s fair in love and war”

Rita Ora Tattoo - All’s fair in love and war
Since Rita is a fan of quote tattoos, she got a saying tattoo- “All’s fair in love and war” which she got in 2012. It seems like Rita is on look out for a lot of love.

16. Anchor on wrist

Rita Ora - Anchor Tattoo
Rita has got a little anchor tattoo on the side of her right hand’s wrist.

17. “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none”

Rita Ora Tattoo - Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none
The famous William Shakespeare quote “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none” is inked on the left side of her rib cage.

18. White ink of date

Rita Ora - White Hebrew Tattoo
Rita got a white ink tattoo on her right arm. This tattoo is in Hebrew language and is to show her love to her best friend. Even though many don’t know the exact meaning of this tattoo, some believe that it’s either her friend’s name or birthday.

19. Greek God of Love

Rita Ora - Greek Goddess Arm Tattoos
Taking love to another level, Rita got a huge tattoo of the Greek goddess of love inked on her left biceps. In the tattoo, the goddess is holding a heart (Rita’s Heart) in her hands and lights are radiating out of it. Previously she just got the heart inked and then the goddess. She says that love Gods infatuate her.

20. “R” Tattoo

Rita Ora - "R" Tattoo
Capital “R” is inked in a black script on Rita which apparently represents her name. Unlike other huge tattoos, this one is small, simple and discreet.

21. Sagittarius Crossbow

Rita Ora - Sagittarius Crossbow Tattoo
Being a Sagittarius herself, Rita got a tattoo of her astrological sun sign. She has a small crossbow (a bow and an arrow) inked behind her right ear.

22.  “Love me” Tattoo

Rita Ora - “Love me” Wrist Tattoo
Carrying along the “Love Theme,” Rita got words “Love me” inked on her right wrist. This tattoo of her is in red ink.

23. Brother’s name in purple ink

Rita Ora - Brother name "Hindi" tattoo
Rita got her younger brother’s name Don inked on the inside of her right forearm. The most interesting thing about this tattoo is that it is in purple ink and is in Hindi script.

24. Sister’s name in Hindi

Rita Ora - Sister's name in "Hindi" tattoo

Rita shows her love to another sibling of her’s by getting her sister’s name; Elena inked on her right forearm again in Hindi Script. It seems like Rita is a family girl.

25. Star Outline

Rita Ora - Star Tattoo on waist
The long list of Rita tattoos finishes with the small star outline tattoo which is on a discreet location and was only visible during a photo shoot. The tattoo is inked just below her waistline and looks quite sexy!


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