James Rodríguez’s 18 Tattoos & Their Meanings

James Rodríguez is a Colombian professional footballer who is ranked among the best young players in the world. He plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for German club Bayern Munich on loan from Real Madrid, and the Colombia national team. Like all other football players, he has tattoos on his skin which distinguish him from other players while in the field. Let’s explore his inscriptions.

James Rodriguez

1. “Portrait of Jesus Christ” on Left Calf

James Rodriguez jesus tattoo

2. “Roman Numerals” on Right Collar Bone

James Rodriguez date of birth tattoo


Meaning: James inked the roman numerals on his right collar bone. It is the birthdate of his daughter Salome, i.e. 29-05-2013.

3. “Crown” on Left Side of Chest

James Rodriguez crown tattoo

4. “Salome” on his Right Wrist

James Rodriguez salome tattoo

Tattoo: Salome

Meaning: James has inked his right wrist with the name Salome in cursive handwriting. It is the name of his daughter.

5. “Pilar, Dani and Juana” On his Right Upper Arm

James Pilar dani and juana tattoo

Tattoo: Pilar, Dani, Juana

Meaning: James has got three names inscribed on the inner side of his right upper arm. These are the names of the three most important women of his life. Pilar is his mother’s name, Dina (Daniela)is his wife, and Juana is his sister’s name.

6. “Winged Diamond” with a phrase underneath it on his Spine

James Rodriguez winged diaomond tattoo

7. “Wolf” on his Right Side of Back

James Rodriguez wolf tattoo

8. “Tribal animal face” on the Left Side of Back

James Rodriguez tribal tattoo

Tattoo: Indigenous Tattoo

Meaning: James has got an indigenous art inscribed on his left side of the back. It looks like a lion face with tribal feathers hat on it.

9. “Ace of Heart Card” on his Left Upper Arm

James Rodriguez ace of heart tattoo

10. Portrait of his Daughter On his Left Shoulder

James Rodriguez daughter portrait tattoo

11. “Pocket Watch” On his Left Upper Arm

James Rodriguez pocket watch tattoo

Tattoo: Pocket watch showing time near to 1:50

Meaning: James got this classical pocket watch inscribed under the tattoo oh his daughter’s portrait. It is the time birth of his daughter, Salome.

12. “Lion” surrounded by stars on the Left Elbow

James Rodriguez lion tattoo

13. “Numeral 10” near his Left Elbow

James Rodriguez 10 tattoo

Tattoo: 10

Meaning: James has inscribed numeral left elbow. The number 10 is his jersey’s number.

14. Quote,‘”Cuando Una persona inclina la Cabeza ante Dios, Dios se la corona” with Cross and Rosary  on his Left Upper Arm

James Rodriguez cross with rosary and quote

Tattoo: Cross with a rosary with  a quote, “Cuando Una persona inclina la Cabeza ante Dios, Dios e la corona

Meaning: James has got a tattoo of Cross with a rosary attached to it. Above this, he inscribed a quote which means, “When a person bows his head before God, God will crown it.”

15. “Koi Fish surrounded by Orchid Flowers” on his Left Forearm

James Rodriguez koi fish tattoo

Tattoo: Koi Fish surrounded by Flowers

Meaning: James has inked his Left Forearm with the fish named Koi which is a European carp. Orchids and some lotus flowers surround the fish. James Rodriguez is known for his devotion to his beliefs and firm convictions. This tattoo symbolises love, affection, strength and perseverance. An old legend tells that these fish managed to swim against the current and that those who managed to climb the waterfalls became dragons.

16. “Golden Boot” on his Right Calf

James Rodriguez golden boot tattoo

Tattoo: Golden Booth and Date, ‘13-07-14’

Meaning: James has inked his right calf with golden boot and date, 13-07-14, below the boot. James won the Golden Boot for being the highest goal scorer in the 2014 World Cup.

17. Heart shaped pot emitting Fire on his Left Elbow

James Rodriguez pot with fire tattoo

18. Cat Face on his Left Elbow

James Rodriguez cat tattoo

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