Fantine Lesaffre’s 11 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Fantine Lesaffre is a famous French Swimmer. She is an outstanding athlete owing to her victories. She has been entitled with the title of European Champion at 2018 Glasgow in a Women’s 400-meter individual medley. She has participated in Olympics in the year 2016 and Olympics 2020. She learned swimming at a very young age. Fantine recently revealed that her father was a lifeguard and he threw her into the water, thus she learned it quickly. Besides her swimming talent, Fantine never fails to grab the limelight due to her body tattoos. Let us explore them.

Fantine Lesaffre

“That comes from my mother who has tattoos and piercings from head to toes. During my childhood I was with her in tattoo shops and I got hooked into this world. While I was in the waiting room I would look at all the photographs. I was always impressed and just wanted to have one since I was 10 years old.” She got her first tattoo, a lizard, on one of her feet.

1. ‘Flowers and Petals Design’ Tattoo

Fantine forearm design
Fantine left forearm tattoo'
Tattoo: Covering her left forearm, there are multiple leaves, stems, and flowers inked.
Meaning: This tattoo is a pure representation of nature and its beauty. The leaves signify the cycle of life.  It is the symbol of the youth of life, the youngness, freshness, and zeal towards living your life in all beauty and grace. Brown leaves however stand for the old age and the darker phases of life.

2. ‘Roses and Heart’ Tattoo

Lesaffre left bicep tattoo

Fantine left bicep tattoo
Tattoo: On her left bicep, there is a beautiful tattoo of roses and heart inked. The tattoo has been shaped into an intricate design.
Meaning: Rose is the symbol of friendship, romance, admiration, love, and affection. The heart stands for the deepest love and bond. The combination of the rose and heart is the symbol of elegance. It is considered to be a very precious feminine design signifying intense love and deepest passion.

3. ‘Tribal Lotus’ Tattoo

Fantine lotus tattoo
Tattoo: On the inner side of her left forearm, Fantine has got a tribal lotus inked.
Meaning: Lotus is symbolic of growing towards maturity in life. It is the symbol of self-growth and motivation to become a better person. They also have a symbolic meaning which aims towards its representation as to the token of re-birth, purity, enlightenment, especially in eastern regions. Lotus is also observed as the symbol of beauty and purity.

4. Right Arm Tattoo

Lesaffre right bicep tattoo

5. Phoenix Tattoo

Lesaffre stomach tattoo
Tattoo: Under her right chest, Fantine has got the tattoo of a phoenix.
Meaning: A Phoenix is the symbol of eternity, renewal, birth, and strength. It represents the courageous attitude of going ahead in life by overcoming all the difficulties with Power & Strength.  The meaning of this tattoo relates to the fact of the Phoenix-mythical bird- that it is reborn from the ashes of the flames of its death. Thus, signifying survival and robustness.
 “The phoenix represents my childhood and my biological mother.

6. Wrist Tattoo

Lesaffre wrist tattoo
Tattoo: Towards the corner of her left wrist, Fantine has some acronyms inked which can be read as, ‘CRL PWR’.

7. ‘Olympic Rings’ Tattoo

Fantine Olymic Rings tattoo

Tattoo: Near her left elbow, Fantine has got the precious tattoo of Olympic Rings.

Meaning: Olympic Rings tattoo signifies the wearer connection to the event or to mark the victory which she might have been empowered with during her participation. So is the case with lantine. She revealed that she had been too much interested after watching  s Chinese Swimmer, Ye Shiwen in 2012 Olpypics and hereby decided to participate. The tattoo shows the participation/union of five continents reflect via five rings.

“I came to competitive swimming late, at age 14. I really became interested after watching the 2012 Olympics in London where a Chinese swimmer, Ye Shiwen, smashed the world record in the 400m individual medley. That inspired me to try the event.”

8. Rose Tattoo

Fantine rose tattoo

Tattoo: On her left hand, Fantine has got a tiny rose with a petal tattoo.

Meaning: The traditional red rose tattoo is the symbol of friendship, love, passion, and romance. It is also used to reflect loyalty, gratitude, and enchantment.

9. ‘Valkyrie’ Tattoo

Fantine thigh tattoo

Tattoo: On her upper left thigh, Fantine has got the tattoo of a Valkyrie.

Meaning: Valkyrie is a famous mythological Norse character. The name itself means “Chooser of the slain.” Valkyrie is the symbol of woman’s power and feminism.  It is used as the ultimate symbol of wisdom, justice, warrior spirit, and justice. The tattoo represents that the person wearing is extraordinary.

“The valkyrie represents femininity and women’s power. Everybody says that once you get your first tattoo that it becomes an addiction and we cannot stop, and that’s exactly what happened. I have ideas for all of my body and I don’t know when I will stop.”

10. Flower Design Tattoo

Fantine traditional flower design tattoo

Tattoo: There is a flower design covering her inner forearm. A flower tattoo can mean different to different persons. It can stand for hope, love, fresh beginnings, growth, and, freshness.

11. ‘Lizard’ Tattoo

Fantine lizard tattoo

Tattoo: There is a lizard tattooed on her right foot.

Meaning: The lizard is observed as the symbol of good luck and fortune. Fantine got it as her first body tattoo. She said that she always wanted to get tattoos since the age of 10 and ended up getting lizard as her first ink.

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