Shemar Moore’s 6 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Shemar Moore popularly known as Shemar Franklin Moore is an American actor, host and fashion model. He began his career as a model and later gained popularity from his role in Malcolm Winters in the Young and the Restless series as an actor. Shemar, a red carpet hunk is known to have transformed from a street style chap to a sophisticated one. Shemar’s few massive tattoos are famous among his followers. Let’s explore his tattoos along with their meanings. Shemar Moore

1.’LION’ Tattoo 

Shemar Moore Lion Tattoo

Tattoo: Lion Tattoo on the right shoulder

Meaning: Shemar got a Lion inked on his right shoulder considering the fact that he feels he is a warrior of his own life which is the strongest part of his personality.

“I feel like I have the traits of a lion. I take care of my family. I go out and hunt for what I need to survive. I believe I’m a warrior in life.” – Shemar Moore

2. ‘S.M’ Tattoo 

Shemar Moore Arm SM Tattoo

Shemar Moore Left Arm Tattoo

Tattoo: ‘S.M’ his name initials, inked on his left forearm in old English text script.

Meaning: S.M ink reflects his complete name “Shemar Moore”

3. ‘An Eagle or Phoenix’ Tattoo  

Tattoo: Shemar has an eagle or a phoenix inked on his left forearm.

Meaning: The Swat eagle on his forearm was his dream tattoo. On his Instagram revelation post, Shemar said that the eagle tattoo represents ‘Freedom’ and thus he is free. He told “CBS” that his role in CBS show “S.W.A.T.” meant so much to him, that he was inspired to get a tattoo on his forearm.

4. “Carpe Diem” Tattoo 

Shemar Moore Carpe Diem Tattoo

Tattoo: Shemar has ‘Carpe Diem’ inked on his upper back.

Meaning: ‘Carpe Diem’ means enjoying your present time without focusing on the future time. Shemar’s ‘Carpe Diem’ ink on the upper back has the images of his favorite heroes along with the words inked.

He wrote, “My new tattoo. “Carpe Diem” means Seize The Day. Obama, MLK, Malcolm X are in the letters. My Heroes!

5. ‘Freedom’ Tattoo

Shemar Moore Freedom Tattoo

Tattoo: Freedom inked on his lower back.

6.’Lizard Skin patterns and a Yin and Yang’ Tattoo 

Shemar Moore Leg Tattoo

Tattoo: Lizard Skin patterns and a Yin and Yang symbol Tattoo.

Meaning: Lizard Skin patterns and a Yin and Yang symbol Tattoo on his right ankle.

Shemar Moore on his instagram post said, “Yup a lil something most of you never knew about!! My right leg… My Adidas!!! And.. A spider web that catches the good n bad of life.. Yin n Yang.. Mixed with what I do for a living. The Drama Masks.. Laugh now, Cry Later… I don’t do anything unless it MATTERS TO ME!!!’


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