20+ Best Blue Rose Tattoo Designs with Ideas with Meanings

We all know that roses represent love and passion, but it’s only the red rose that people often talk about. Every rose color has its own meaning which is definitely entirely subjective sometimes. The Blue rose however has a very significant meaning that is very different from the red rose. It did not exist naturally and the blue hue was obtained by dipping the step in a blue die container until 2004 when a genetically modified blue rose was successfully bred. Being so rare, the blue rose tattoos are often associated with mystery and unattainable nature. It can also signify a feeling of longing and desire. That is exactly how they are projected in movies and series.

Meaning of Blue RoseTattoo Designs

Being so rare, the blue rose tattoos are often associated with the mystery and unattainability of something. It can also signify a feeling of longing and desire. How can we talk of roses and not talk about love? A blue rose is often said to bring the hope of an unexpected or unrequited romance. It suggests that the person is either waiting for a miracle or has already experienced one in their quest to find love that was once unattainable. Blue rose tattoos can also symbolize finding success in the face of adversity or accomplishing a task that once seemed impossible.

Ideas For Blue Rose Tattoo Designs

Blue roses are very unique tattoos to get just like their existence in nature. Although, there are a lot of ways that we can incorporate them into our passion for tattoos. To begin with, you could get a really small tattoo on the wrist or ankle but if you want to stay mysterious as the blue rose itself, you could choose a less exposed area like a thigh or back.

Next, you could get a blue rose tattoo combined with other roses especially red. Each rose color has its own meaning and what is better than combining some to give out that message? You could also combine them with other elements like the moon, sun, or skulls if you wanna go bold. There are a lot of handpicked ideas in this article for you to explore, so let’s dive in!

Where Should You Get Blue Rose Tattoo Designs

For Women

  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Finger Spaces
  • Hands
  • Shoulder Blades
  • Behind the Ears

For Men

  • Chest
  • Biceps
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Forearms

List of Blue Rose Tattoo Designs & Meanings

  • Elegant Blue Rose Tattoo Design

Blue Rose Tattoo 6

This beautiful and petite blue rose tattoo is ideal for anyone who is starting out on their tattoo journey. Not only does this look elegant but also perfect for small places like wrists, ankles, behind the ear, etc. With small tattoos being in trend, they are very easy to repair if anything goes wrong or even when they start to fade.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design on Neck

Blue Rose Tattoo 4

This is a very good place for a tattoo and one of the most visible ones in fact. The wearer has chosen a simple blue rose to extend from the upper shoulder to the neck. It gives a clear message of the mysteriousness of the wearer and definitely of the tattoo, keeping people guessing as to what it could mean.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design on Chest

Blue Rose Tattoo 8

The wearer here has gone for four blue rose tattoos around the neck. The tattoo is quite huge but since this area is covered most of the time, the tattoo would be well protected from the sun. The placement of the tattoo makes it look like a garland around the neck. Instead of going for typical green leaves, the wearer has got the leaves colored blackish-grey, adding to the mysteriousness of the tattoo.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design on Front Shoulder

Blue Rose Tattoo 14

The blue rose does have some hues of violet or lilac in its natural form and the wearer here has honored that well by adding a few shades of violet to the blue rose. They have also got, what appears to be a signature on the side of the rose. This signature could be of someone really important to them or of an unattainable lover since the signature is next to a blue rose.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design on Back

Blue Rose Tattoo 15

This beautiful long tattoo on the back extends all the way from the nape of the neck to the lower back. The special thing about this tattoo is that the wearer has got thorns tattooed as well, which are usually left out by most people. It could mean that all good and beautiful things do not come without something painful and vice-versa.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design on Ankle

Blue rose.

This unique tattoo on the ankle is one of the most beautiful ones on the list. Instead of getting a fully colored rose, the wearer got an outline tattoo of a blue rose with a small butterfly. The latter signifies faith and freedom and just generally looks very aesthetically pleasing with the flower.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design on Biceps

Blue Rose Tattoo 17 scaled

This tattoo here is placed on the bicep and is ideal for areas like the thigh or back. The wearer has got the petals of the flower highlighted with white from the corners, making it stand out and look embossed. So if you are out there to flaunt your favorite blue tattoo, this is the one for you.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design on Wrist

Blue Rose Tattoo 22

Next up, is this small blue rose tattoo on the wrist. A wrist tattoo is exposed to a lot of light, which makes it more likely to fade over time. The effects of aging and exposure to the sun are inevitable but applying sunscreen regularly can help. When you wave or shake hands, people first notice wrist tattoos like these and they indicate confidence, honesty, and connection.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design on Back Shoulder

Blue Rose Tattoo 1

This next one is full of creativity and mysterious longing. The wearer has used dark colors around a ballerina and the blue rose seems to be a part of her skirt making it very interesting. There are some lines around the ballerina that could indicate her dancing in motion. The wearer could depict an unfulfilled dream or someone through this tattoo.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design on the Side of the Chest

Blue Rose Tattoo 3

This wearer has got a cross tattooed and the blue roses twirl around it. It could mean being spiritually curious or longing for a higher being. It could also be symbolic of truth or just as a memory after the death of a close one. It could also represent the unattainable nature and hence has a lot of meanings that are very subjective. But if you are spiritual, you could definitely go for this one.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design with Text

Blue rose tattoo 23

The wearer here has got a small rose tattoo with hues of purple on it. The mixing of colors is done really well and looks natural. The stem of the rose extends into a series of letters that could be a name or a place that is very close to the person’s heart. You could add your own text here and truly own this tattoo since it is concise and really beautiful the way word and the rose merge.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design on Forearm

Blue Rose Tattoo 2

This blue rose tattoo is very unique. The wearer has got the blue tattoo and its petals in a straight line. There are also some black lines that make it look like the rose and the petals are falling from above. You could get this tattoo on your leg, back or thigh as well.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design with Red Rose

Blue Rose Tattoo 21

The wearer has gone for two very beautiful roses here- one being red and another one blue. This kind of tattoo with red and blue roses together is symbolic of a mysterious love. The wearer has positioned it on the wrist where it would be more visible but if you want to be discreet about it, you could choose to position it on the back or thigh, where it would be less visible.

  • Blue Rose Color Contrasting Tattoo Design 

Blue Rose Tattoo 20

Next on the list is this rose tattoo that is half blue and a half without any color. The wearer has got leaves fully colored but the half color on the flower highlights its importance and meaning. It could mean the dual nature of a person’s personality or the circumstances around them.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design with a Quote

Blue Rose Tattoo 19

This is the kind of tattoo that you can add a lot of customizations to. For beginners add your favorite quote. The wearer here has got the quote “Perfection is in perception” in a semi-circular fashion around the neck. This complements the blue rose as well on the side.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design with Moon Element

Blue Rose Tattoo 18

This beautiful tattoo combining blue rose and the moon is absolutely magnificent. The moon symbolizes growth and new beginnings. It also signifies a pure romantic intention and the dark side of nature as well since it shines bright at night. That is why it is also seen as a symbol of hope.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design with Ocean Element

Blue Rose Tattoo 13

Whales are one of the most majestic creatures that live on this earth. The wearer here has got a whale tattoo in the black and blue rose tattoos around it that stand out due to the black background. There are also some petals that can be seen flying with the waves. The whales along with the roses could mean love for the ocean or compassion and wisdom. It could also be symbolic of the similarities between the deep and mysterious ocean and the flower.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design with Diamond Element

Blue Rose Tattoo 12

This is a very popular tattoo where a diamond and a rose are seen together, both symbolic of eternal, unconditional love. The wearer has got a huge diamond tattooed in the middle of the blue rose which could mean an eternal longing for someone. It could also represent a strong attachment with someone they are with.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design with Skull 

Blue Rose Tattoo 11

The blue rose and the skull tattoo actually complements each other really well (Both being mysterious). The skull however signifies overcoming a very difficult task or attaining something unachievable, which is exactly what the blue rose represents.

  •  Musical Blue Rose Tattoo Design 

Blue Rose Tattoo 10

The addition of the musical symbol here could mean that the wearer has a lot of devotion for the music but the blue rose with it might mean that they yearn to do more in that domain. The wearer has kept the color of the music symbol and the blue rose similar to show the related nature in the meaning of the tattoo.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design with Butterfly

Blue Rose Tattoo 9

The wearer here has got a blue butterfly camouflaged in the blue rose. Blue is the rarest color occurring in nature even for the butterflies and they are considered a sign of good luck. They are a reminder to be at peace and embrace life for what it is. You could get a smaller-sized tattoo with the same design as well.

  • Abstract Blue Rose Tattoo Design

Blue Rose Tattoo 7

The abstract tattoo here is a mix of a lot of patterns, most of them in very dark colors. That’s why the triangle window with the colored blue rose is standing out and highlighting the whole tattoo. The sides of the flower are black and dotted and have leaves coming out of them.

  • Blue Rose Tattoo Design with a Heartbeat

Blue Rose Tattoo 5

A tattoo of a heartbeat is often associated with a reminder to live your life at the moment, to the fullest. The wearer here has replaced the stem of the blue rose with a heartbeat symbol giving the tattoo a deeper meaning. The tattoo is also ideal for the leg, back, and thigh since there is a lot of canvas to let your creativity out.

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