Eddie Hall 14 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Edward Stephen Hall is a well-known British former professional strongman. Eddie has multiple titles in his cap like the World’s Strongest Man 2017, the UK’s Strongest Man, and England’s Strongest Man. Eddie Hall is also known as ‘The Beast”. In one of his records, he just collapsed and lost consciousness following his world record attempt at the First Direct Arena in Leeds. This has been a much worrying sight for his fans because blood is known to have poured out of his ears, nose, and tear ducts immediately. Eddie has got some interesting body tattoos that adorn his well-built body a lot. Let us see what they are.

Eddie Hall

“I became obsessed,” Hall shares. “For 365 days, I never missed a training session, never missed a meal, and always got my 10 hours of sleep. There were no days off. Even if you’re feeling ill you still have to turn up and put the work in. If there was one thing I could have said at World’s Strongest Man 2017, it was that I didn’t have a single excuse.”

1. ‘Chinese Writing’ Chest Tattoo

Eddie chest tattoo

Tattoo: There are some letters inked across Eddie’s chest which are in Chinese.

Meaning: When translated into English the letters stand for power, force, and strength. As per Mandarin Chinese, the character is pronounced “lì”.

2. ‘Atlas Stone’ Tattoo

Eddie Atlas Stone tattoo

Eddie left arm tattoo

Tattoo: On his left forearm, Hall has got the tattoo of Atlas Stone.

Meaning: Atlas Stone is the logo of the World’s Strongest Man Championship. He got the tattoo inked along with the trophy and the place where he actually won the title of the Championship. Hereby, Eddie revealed his tattoo showing the Atlas Stone logo holding the stone which maps the globe and there is a tiny trophy inked on the map of Africa revealing the place where he won the championship in the year 2017.

“The first one was the trophy. That’s Altus, that’s the worlds strongest man symbol, and marked where I won on the map of the globe Altus is holding. And a plus one in Africa where I won.”

Eddie had revealed this tattoo on his Instagram with a caption:

Fresh tattoo today, the start of a full sleeve… Notice the trophy placed over where Botswana is on the world’ where I won The Worlds Strongest Man. It’s the little touches that make a good tattoo 😉
Thanks, Ink R Nation great work!

4. Tribal Tattoos

Eddie tribal designs

Tattoo: Covering his chest, shoulders, and biceps of both arms, Eddie wears a very intricate tribal tattoo on his upper body.

Meaning: Eddie got this tattoo at the mere age of 18 years. However, when asked, Eddie claimed that since the time he turned 21, he always wanted to cover them up.

Tribal tattoos are the symbol of paying tribute and showcasing one’s heritage. They stand for power, strength, protection, and courage.

“So when I was 18 I had this tribal tattoo done all over my arms and neck and I always wanted to cover them up since about the age of 21. And this is god’s honest truth, that I have been so obsessed with strong men that the thought of having a tattoo would hinder my training. So I never got any extra tattoos.”

5. ‘Terminator’ Tattoo

Eddie terminator inspired tattoo

Tattoo: Covering the major portion of his right forearm, is a tattoo that relates to Terminator.

Meaning: Eddie claimed that Arnold is his most favorite actor. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the actor who played the lead role in the Terminator movie. Thus, he got the Terminator (Endoskeleton) on his right arm. Eddie said that Terminator is his favorite movie.

And then my second tattoo was my inspiration. And a much as I love Arnold I didn’t fancy having Arnold tattooed on me, so I got the next best thing. I got the Terminator (Endoskeleton) on my right arm. It’s my favorite movie and like I said it was the one thing that started me off, that blueprinted me to want to get into powerlifting/bodybuilding and to be honest, I’m sure thousands if not millions of people around the globe could say exactly the same thing, they wouldn’t be where they were now, if it weren’t for Arnold Schwarzenegger.

6. Back Tattoo

Eddie back tattoo


While he was just 18 years old when Eddie got his bicep tribal tattoos inked. however, in an interview, he revealed that he always wanted the cover-up for them since he turned 21 and realized the fault in his choice of tattoos. Hereby, below shown are the images of his tribal tattoo coverups.

7. Right Bicep Tattoo

Eddie right arm tribal tattoo

Eddie cover up tattoo

Eddie arm tattoo

Tattoo: The tattoo is the cover-up to his previous designs of tribal inks. The present tattoo is part of his tribute to his love for the Terminator movie and its lead role player, Arnold’s love. Eddie’s tattoo shows the armor, machinery, and tools inspired by the movie.

8. Left Bicep Tattoo

Eddie face tattoo

9. Finger Tattoo

Eddie finger tattoo

Tattoo: Tribal ring tattoo on left hand’s ring finger.

10. Portrait on Arm

Eddie left arm portrait

11. ‘Warrior’ Tattoo

Eddie soldier tattoo

Tattoo: A warrior tattoo can be seen on the backside of Eddie’s left upper arm.

12. Left Bicep Face Tattoo

Eddie tribal cover up tattoo

Eddie tribal tattoo

13. Tribal Design on Back

Eddie tribal tattoo on back

Tattoo: Eddie has a huge tribal design covering the major portion of his upper back.

Meaning: Tribal tattoos are the symbol of one’s heritage and culture.

14. ‘THE BEAST’ Tattoo

Eddiie THE BEAST Tattoo

Tattoo: On the inner side of his biceps, Eddie has got the tattoo of the word, ‘THE BEAST’.

Meaning: The tattoo symbolizes his nickname as Eddie is best known as ‘THE BEAST’ all around the world. The name is given to him for being the Strongest Man and for winning multiple championships for being the same.

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