Maggie Lindemann’s 18 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Maggie Lindemann is an American Singer and Songwriter. She was born in Texas and began her career by posting videos of her on social media platforms until her would-be manager discovered her on Instagram. Lindemann’s debut song, “Knocking on your heart” in 2015 started her career by securing her a spot in the iTunes Top 20. Let us have a look at Maggie’s 17 tattoos and the meaning they hold.


1. ‘Oogie Boogie Man’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann oogie boogie tattoo

Tattoo: Maggie’s inner right elbow contains a tattoo of the Oogie Boogie Man.

Meaning: Maggie is a fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas so she got a tattoo of one of her favorite characters in the film.

2. ‘Depression & Obsession’ Tattoo


Tattoo: Lindemann’s has the words, Depression & Obsession inked on the outer side of her right arm.

Meaning: Maggie got this tattoo inked in honor of late xxxTentacion who had a song with the same name.

3. ‘Vampire Smile’ Tattoo

Maggie Lindemann Vampire Tattoo

Tattoo: There is a tattoo of open lips revealing fangs on the inner side of Maggie’s right forearm.

Meaning: The singer is a huge fan of Vampires and has wanted to get a tattoo regarding the same since she was young. Maggie and her friend, Chris who shares her love for Vampires got this matching tattoo last year.

4. ‘The Smiley’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann smiley face tattoo

Tattoo: Just above her Vampire tattoo, Maggie has a smiley inked which has X’s for eyes and is frowning.

Meaning: Maggie got this tattoo with her friend Lisey who got the same tattoo inked but with a smile.

5. ‘The Hands holding the Flower’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann hands and the flower tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of Maggie’s right arm sports a tattoo of two hands holding a thistle flower.

Meaning: Maggie is a huge fan of The Nightmare Before Christmas and this is her second tattoo from the movie. The ink is actually Sally’s stitched hands holding a thistle flower.

6. ‘Thigh’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann writing tattoo

Tattoo: Maggie has a word inked just above her right knee cap but it is hard to make out what it says.

7. ‘The Hand’ Tattoos

maggie lindemann hand tattoo

Tattoo: Maggie’s right index finger has a tattoo of a Japanese emoji smiley face. Her right ring finger contains a cross. Her right middle finger contains the words BITE ME inked on it. Her first and second right knuckles contain tiny Xs. Her right thumb has the tattoo of a dagger and two dots. All her fingers contain astronomical inks. Starting from her index finger, her fingers contain the planet Saturn with three dots, the Sun with two dots, the Moon with three dots and a Star with a single dot.

Meaning: The Cross represents her religious views and BITE ME is another one of her Vampire tattoos. Maggie and her best friend Elise got matching inks of the tiny Xs on their knuckles. Maggie explained the Astronomical tattoos by telling how they just looked cute and she got them but the star serves as a dual purpose by also symbolizing the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

8. ‘0067’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann 0067 tattoo

Tattoo: The letters 0067 are inked on Maggie’s right elbow.

Meaning: The numbers represent her family’s dates of births. The 00 represents 2000 which is the year her younger brother, Mason was born. And the 67 is for 1967, the birth year of her parents Susan and Barton.

9. ‘FEAR’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann fear tattoo

Tattoo: The word FEAR is inked on Maggie’s right hand.

Meaning: When talking about the tattoo and its Goth style, Maggie said that Fear is one of the feelings that drive her to work harder.

10. ‘The Bat’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann bat tattoo

Tattoo: The inner side of Maggie’s left ankle contains the ink of a bat.

Meaning: The design is not to be confused with the Batman symbol as Maggie got this tattoo because she thinks bats are a good omen for her.

11. ‘The Quote’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann quote tattoo

Tattoo: The singers back is covered with a quote that reads, “turning freedom of speech into the freedom of cruelty

Meaning: The lines are from the poem, “Troll” by author Shane Koyczan and the tattoo represents how internet trolling is very dangerous to the victims.

12. ‘not afraid’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann not afraid tattoo

Tattoo: Just below the singers left elbow, the words, “not afraid” are inked in lowercase in red ink.

Meaning: The singer has in the past shared about her problems with depression and how she even considered suicide before turning her life around. Maggie got this tattoo to represent strength and to convey to everyone to not be afraid.

13. ‘The Lines’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann lines tattoo

Tattoo: Maggie’s right bicep is covered in lines, ” you built a cast around your broken heart, and signed it yourself. you signed it

“they were wrong.”

Meaning: The lines are from another one of Shane Koyczan’s poems, To This Day” and tells how even though Bullying may break you down, you have to emerge stronger. This is one of the favorite poems of Lindemann who herself battled bullying at one point.

14. ‘CCH’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann cch tattoo

Tattoo: The letters, CCH are inked on the inner side of Maggie’s left wrist.

Meaning: The letters CCH stand for Cameron Cole Hudson who was Maggie’s ex-boyfriend from when she was in Texas. Maggie got this tattoo when Cameron died and tweeted that he’s the only guy she’ll never lose feelings for.

15. ‘The Music Note’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann music note tattoo

Tattoo: Just beside the CCH tattoo, there is an ink of a music note on Maggie’s left wrist.

16. ‘Always’  Tattoo

maggie lindemann always tattoo

Tattoo: The word, always is inked in lowercase letters on the outer side of Maggie’s left forearm.

Meaning: This tattoo also is in memory of her ex-boyfriend who passed away in a fire.

17. ‘The Broken Heart’ Tattoo

maggie lindemann broken heart tattoo

Tattoo: Maggie’s right wrist has a tiny tattoo of a broken heart inked in red.

Meaning: When asked about the tattoo, Maggie spoke that the tattoo is present because she has not found her special someone yet and will change the tattoo as soon as she finds them.

18. ‘Butterfly’ Tattoo

Tattoo: The outer side of Maggie’s right forearm contains the tattoo of a butterfly.

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